VerbO Code A-0001 : ENCODEEdit


A VerbO code that allows the act of writing in an electronic environment. Sometimes synomynously used with the word type, to encode or encoding is the only act or deed that allows that translation of something that is originally existing in the material and physical world to have a perceivable representation in an electronic environment.


Encode allows an encoder to use the literal context of the language used in the process of encoding. This is the VerbO that grants access for the literal text.


In the ultimate technological race, civilizations realized that Language is a powerful agent of creation. That even computers function and operate through specific structure of language, human knowledge learned that manipulation of computer language means manipulation of computer functions.

Computers learn human languageEdit

During the early years of the 2nd millenium, civilizations have learned to master the language of the computer. Instead of mann learning computer language, it is computer that is taught (programmed) and eventually learned (adopted) the human literal language.

Computer codes and complicated programming requisites is no longer needed to create programs and softwares. A developer or designer can directly encode the design using the literal language. Hence, the advent of creation dawned in the present civilization.

Human language restricted greedEdit

But since creation is tantamount to power, the race to create whatever powerful program or software eventually reflected human greed. With computer learning human language, it eventually learned human values and ideals served as its security feauture restricting man from utilizing computer powers in materializing human greed.

To insist on their human ends, civilizations secretly formulated language versions, localizations, internationalizations, adoptations, etc. different from the literal language.

Civilizations formulated new languagesEdit

By year 2010, every country, religion, organization, alliances, company, and all other forms of association and structured groups have their own language versions different from the mainstream literal language. When computers were made to realize of these language versions, it was already too late as a single word "go", for example, could have a hundred different meaning as with all other words.

Order for EncodeEdit